You have decided that you want to go to Graduate school. And while you are excited about having a student life and getting groomed for the corporate world, you have to crack the GRE first. It is a prerequisite for the application process and it might well be the redeeming factor for having a shot at your dream school.

GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a test required of most graduate applicants for admission into US schools. The exam tests vocabulary, reading, logical thinking, problem solving and math skills.

Here are some tips to help you get started and do your best on the test.



Decide when you want to take the test. You can work on a study plan based on how much time you have for preparation. Ideally you’ll need at least a couple of months. Also ensure that you schedule the test allowing time to re-take it if needed.


Understand the test format and acquaint yourself to the different test patterns and sections.


Start out by practicing a couple of tests without timing yourself.


Note the sections you spend the most time for and start working to improve on them.


Invest in a GRE study book and use it. There are many, so read some reviews and browse around a bookstore until you find one you like.


Set aside some time every day for the preparation. Do not let anything or anyone disturb you during that time.


Make a timetable to complete a section of the syllabus each day.


Get a lot of practice. You have to get used to sitting and testing for over four hours so you won’t be in for any surprises on the day of the test.


Search the web for resources. You will find many practice questions.


Keep yourself motivated. Track your success with another test taking friend to keep yourself going if you are the kind of person that needs an extra push.


Sleep well. A well-rested body and mind has the capability to learn and retain more information.


Remember that learning and preparation should be fun. Have confidence in yourself; take breaks in between study times and enjoy the entire process.

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